Daniel Chan admits getting married tomorrow and going to be a dad soon

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Following his wedding rumours, Daniel Chan has finally admitted that he is getting married tomorrow! The 38-year-old Hong Kong star also confirmed that his girlfriend is pregnant and he is going to be a dad soon.

After Daniel posted his Dubai photo with his girlfriend, Wang Yuxian, there were suspicions that he is about to tie the knot soon.

During a telephone interview, Daniel said, “We just return to Hong Kong from Dubai. Maybe it was too cold and tiring, she [referring to his girlfriend] is running a fever and has fallen ill. I am worried for her and have asked her to rest. She has to look her best at the wedding banquet!”

The couple reportedly will hold their banquet at the ICC’s Dragon King restaurant. As the wedding announcement to the actual wedding day is only days apart, Daniel is hard-pressed for time.

“There’s just not enough time. I really want to handle many things personally. Many friends including William So and Cecilia Cheung have called to congratulate me.”

At the evening, Daniel was spotted accompanying his girlfriend to try the wedding gowns. The sweet Daniel was patient and gave many advice to her. Before leaving, Daniel also asked her girlfriend to zip up her jacket to keep herself warm.

When a reporter went up to congratulate him, Daniel was in good mood and replied, “Thank you. See you tomorrow!”


Source: On.cc

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