G.E.M. Tang’s London concert a flop? Tickets sold for £0

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GEM Tang

Hong Kong singer G.E.M. Tang shot to popularity in recent years.

Yesterday, G.E.M. announced the end of her 73rd concert world tour on Weibo and thanked her working crew and fans for their support in these two years.

However, Hong Kong report said that tickets for G.E.M.’s concert at London were not selling. Netizens spotted that the organiser was even slashing the ticket price to as low as £19 as part of their marketing effort to boost ticket sales.

Other report also said that G.E.M.’s London concert was a flop. The organiser even resorted to giving away the tickets free.

A netizen discovered that G.E.M’s concert ticket was selling at just £0, but there was a £2.50 tax chargeable. The netizen also said that tickets were given away free at a Chinese forum, as the organiser was worried of a small turnout.

Despite giving away the tickets free, the hall was not filled, and there were empty seats.

Industry sources said that it was extremely difficult for Chinese singers to hold concerts in overseas. Few locals would pay to watch the concerts, as majority of the audience were only made up by the local Chinese.

Source: Apple Daily, Sina

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  1. steve jobs Reply

    she filled it up in NYC. londoners have no idea who she is