Gaile Lok has broken up with New Zealander boyfriend

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Ex-wife of Leon Lai, Gaile Lok reportedly has broken up with her New Zealander boyfriend, Denim.

Gaile was linked to Denim after her divorce with Leon two years ago. When asked to respond on the breakup rumours, Gaile said, “I have always declined to respond on relationship matters. There is no need to address the reports. There is even no such need to respond on things that happened in the past. (Are you dating now?) No.”

Reports said that Denim had been trying ways and means to reconcile with Gaile, and that prompted her to delete her Instagram account.

Gaile said, “I don’t like to use social media. Initially, it was quite interesting to use the Instagram, but now I don’t find it suitable for me as I have to upload my photos on it. I wish to be more private.”

Gaile also said that she did not keep in contact with Leon, and did not plan to inform him about her breakup.

As of now, she will just focus on her jewellery business.

Source: Ming Pao 

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  1. Rachael Reply

    Darn it I can’t type!!! Sorry, I mean Leon Lai’s* ex wife. And Asia*

  2. Rachael Reply

    I can say Leon Lai ex-wife Gaile Lok definitely is not as good looking as his ex girlfriend Shu Qi. He should not have broken up with Shu Qi. She has the full package: talented actress, good looking (hot, sexy), and famous in Asian and in the Western.