Gaile Lok is now a jewelry designer

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After separating with ex-husband Leon Lai, Gaile Lok quickly moves on and begins her exciting new life.

According to Hong Kong media, Gaile has moved to Bali to live with her new beau, Denim. In Bali, she gets to meet many designers. Recently, she even partners with international renowned designer Ozlem Esen, who designs sunglasses for Kanye West, to launch an exclusive series of jewelry.

Gaile has also invited Eurasian model, Mia to shoot a series of advertisements for her jewelry.

Asked why she was not the spokesperson, Gaile said, “My role this time is a designer. I don’t want people to get mixed up, so I stay in the background.”

Gaile met many challenges while designing and producing her jewelry.

“This was my first time, and I didn’t have much experience. I sourced a factory for production but I was not pleased with the results. I had to re-do it again. I have learnt many valuable lessons along the way.”

Gaile said that she would launch a website soon and provide a one-stop service for the customers. Her second series will launch in September.

Source: Sina 

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