Huang Xiaoming dismisses rumours with Wen Xin

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Recently, rumour has it that Huang Xiaoming has dumped Angelababy for 22-year-old Shenzhen beauty, Wen Xin.

Tabloids claimed that Xiaoming and his new love interest, Wen Xin were spotted walking hand-in-hand into a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong. Realising that there is a paparazzi, Wen Xin immediately walked off, and Xiaoming was said to use his body guard as a shield between him and Wen Xin.

Yesterday, the Chinese starlet released a statement via her agent and denied her relationship with Xiaoming. Wen Xin said that she and Xiaoming “are only good friends who have known for two years” and “thank Xiaoming for the dinner and giving her a chance to hit the headline.”

On the same day, Xiaoming issued a serious statement and threatened to take legal action against the tabloids for the fabricated story. In his statement he stressed that “Ms Wen is invited by a her friend” and “although they have met, they are not familiar at all.”

He also hinted that Wen Xin is using him as a publicity to increase her awareness. The statement said, “It’s regrettable that some newcomers are using such tactic to increase their awareness. The road to showbiz is still far. We send our blessings to Ms Wen who will be releasing her new movie soon.”

Angelababy has pledged her support to her boyfriend and defended him, “Entertainment news are to be laughed . Someone has a good character and a high degree of credibility.”

Her words prove that she has trust for Xiaoming and that their relationship is not affected by the rumours.

Source: Ming Pao 

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