Jiro Wang angry with Aaron Yan’s “no longer friends” statement

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Aaron Yan recently disclosed shockingly that he “can’t act anymore” and is “no longer friends” with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.

Two days ago, Jiro uploaded a photo of a topless man, flexing his muscles with a word “Angry” on the man’s face. Jiro also remarked on the photo, “My feeling now! Angry!”

Although Jiro did not specify what he was angry about, fans were to quick to link to Aaron’s recent statement. Many fans also left comforting messages to Jiro, “Do not get angry for someone who is not worth it”, “Do not think too much!”

One fan even wrote, “Maybe the two of you do not have a deep understanding of each other.”

In a recent interview, Aaron also disclosed that all the band members of Fahrenheit was not as united as what the fans had thought. When they performed on stage, all the band members were just trying to outdo each other in their dance steps.

Expressing his  thoughts about Fahrenheit’s relationship, Aaron remarked on his Facebook, “Will you continue banging your head on a wall till you bleed?”


Source: Ettoday 

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