JJ Jia and Louis Fan tied the knot on New Year’s Day

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On January 1, 2016, JJ Jia and Louis Fan held a secret wedding.

In order to keep their wedding low-profile, the couple only invited their families and relatives to witness their wedding solemnization at the lawyer’s office. Even JJ’s good friends, Timmy Hung, Jacqueline Chong and Rainky Wai were not invited at all.

JJ who wanted to have a simple wedding did not even wear her HK$400,000 worth of three-carat diamond ring which Louis had given her. Instead, JJ wore a simple ring which they had bought in Turkey.

After the signing ceremony, the couple held a two-table banquet at a hotel. In order not to expose their wedding, the couple had to wrap themselves to hide their wedding outfits, when they entered into the hotel.

JJ’s relative ordered a two-layer cake secretly on their wedding. Initially thought that it would just be a simple meal with families, JJ was pleasantly surprised when she saw the cake.

Asked on her wedding, JJ said, “It’s not safe even within my circle of friends. We did not want to publicise the wedding!”

Responding if she would try for a monkey baby, JJ said, “Let nature takes its course! My objective is to focus on my work. I will have to promote my new drama. When career is stable, then we are able to take care of our family.”


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