Leon Lai on separation with Gaile Lok: “Relationship is in the past”

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After announcing his separation with Gaile Lok (樂基兒), Leon Lai (黎明) finally made a public appearance in Hong Kong. Returning from Europe, Leon was dressed casually in dark jacket wearing sunglasses. The wedding band was clearly missing from his ring finger.

Upon reaching the arrival hall, Leon was immediately surrounded by a large group of reporters. He had to rely on two assistants to pave the way for him to move out. The chaotic situation lasted for 20 minutes with the reporters grilling him endlessly on his separation with Gaile Lok.

Asked about his emotions on the separation, Leon replied, “The relationship is in the past. The past will forever belong to two people. Since it’s in the past, there is nothing else to say.”

When grilled if the divorce papers had filed, Leon said, “We have accounted everything to the media. As an artist, it is very troublesome to speak more. The more you say, the messier it will get. In the end, the whole matter will not end. There is no need to say further. However, as we both are artists, we cannot avoid speaking to the media. We had already accounted and responded. Thank you everyone.”

Leon avoided the question if there was a third party in their marriage. Under the constant swarming by reporters, Leon spoke in serious tone, “When I say one sentence, there will be second and third and fourth sentence. We can never finish this.”

Responding to his feelings about the separation, Leon replied cooly, “I am ok.”

Source: oriental daily

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