Lover uploaded Gaile Lok’s underwear photo

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It appears that Leon Lai (黎明) and Gaile Lok’s (乐基儿) marriage is over.

Earlier reports indicated that the couple was heading for divorce and Leon reportedly gave HK $110 million of alimony to his wife. As Gaile was often spotted behaving intimately with her male friends, Leon’s friends advised him to keep tabs of his wife.

Recently, Gaile was photographed with her new beau vacationing at Bali. Shocking photo of Gaile revealing her underwear on a bed also surfaced.

Leon and Gaile got married in Las Vegas in 2008. According to Gaile’s friend, the couple’s marriage was doing well for the first year. Due to their busy schedule, the couple had lesser time together. In addition, Leon and Gaile had contrasting personalities. Leon is a reserved and quiet person, whereas Gaile is very outgoing and passionate. Last year, Gaile had suggested for a divorce but Leon objected to it and decided to give each other some time to cool down.

To salvage the marriage, Leon gifted Gaile with a yacht and even gave her the capital to open a restaurant with her former boyfriend, Ray Ng.  However, Gaile was unmoved and insisted to file a divorce with Leon. Regaining her single status, Gaile has no lack of suitors. According to the tabloids, her latest beau is a 35-year-old New Zealand man, known as Denimcuz.

Gaile vacationing with new beau

Cuz was spotted riding on her new beau’s motorcycle upon arriving at Bali. Last Wednesday, Cuz uploaded on instagram an alarming photo of Gaile cuddling a dog on a bed, exposing her briefs. Cuz also captioned the photo as “My 2 Homies,” indicating his intimate relationship with Gaile. Cuz’s friends replied his posting and warned him not to expose their relationship, “hey watch urself u 2… Traids coming to town.”

After the photo was exposed, Cuz had locked his instagram to public views. Even the group photos at Bali were deleted too.

Leon nursing his wounds in Beijing?

In order not to embarass Leon further, Gaile agreed not to unilaterally announced their divorce to public.

Leon has not clarified his divorce rumours to date, and reportedly is lying low in Beijing. Leon will issue a statement shortly to explain on his marriage status.

Source: appledaily, orientaldaily

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