Rosamund Kwan hints that Carina Lau did not consider her feelings on her hiking trip with ex-husband

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Rosamund Kwan admitted that she was married to Taiwanese businessman boyfriend, Pierre Chen, when she attended an event today in Taiwan.

However, she also shocked the media when she addressed her breakup rumours,“We’re not breaking up, we’re divorcing.”

During the press interview, she suddenly brought up the media report on the hiking trip between her ex-husband and Carina Lau. She said, “I think you all have read about the news recently. They are not kids anymore and are adults. They did not consider about other’s feelings.”

When asked to respond on Rosamund’s remark, Carina was shocked, “I am also clueless. I also know today that they have got married, and are divorcing.”

Carina said that it was common to go hiking with friends.

“We went with a group of friends, and have regular gatherings. Many people enjoy hiking, as we can enjoy the fresh air and exercise to keep fit. Is there any problem with hiking? I also went hiking with Fat-Gor (Chow Yun-fat).”

Carina declined to respond on Rosamund’s divorce, and said, “It’s better for Mr Pierre Chen to respond.”

Asked on the media report, Carina said, “I did not see the photos and I did not know under what situation did she say these. I do not wish to speculate. Anyway, I have nothing to hide. The truth will be revealed.”


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