Ruby Lin admits pregnancy

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Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo tied the knot in Bali on July 31, 2016. There were suspicions at that time that Ruby might be pregnant.

When her pregnancy rumours circulated, Ruby did not deny but said, “I will share if there is any good news.”

Yesterday, Ruby attended a fashion event with a black coat over her dress. When the photographer asked her to pose sideway, she joked and said, “No. If my hands are placed in front, it seems like I am covering my tummy.”

When asked on the gender of her baby, Ruby said she did not know. She also said that she was doing well for her pregnancy.

Asked if her appetite had increased since pregnancy, Ruby said, “I have always love eating.”

Recently, Ruby was photographed having a hotpot dinner with her husband, Wallace Huo, and walking hand-in-hand sweetly on the street.

On her marriage life, Ruby said, “Although it is ordinary, it is very warm and happy. I feel more stable now, maybe there is more responsibility. My family does not just include my dad and mum, it also includes our family and my husband’s family. There are like 3 families now. We have to consider many things in all aspects. I cannot be just thinking about myself now.”

Ruby also praised Wallace sweetly, “He is very attentive everyday.”


Source: Ettoday

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