Tony Leung almost “dies” after hearing his voice dubbing

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Although enduring pain and hardships during the 3-year filming, Tony Leung finally has something to rejoice about. The Grandmasters <一代宗師> grossed 100 million yuan in just three days in China theatres and the Hong Kong box office also delivered overwhelming results.

However, the 50-year-old movie star has one regret in The Grandmasters, and that is not being able to dub his voice in the Chinese version.

“I did not wish to watch it the first time. As it was the Chinese version, I feel like ‘dying’ upon hearing the dubbed voice. Wong Kar Wai wanted me to dub my voice but there is no time. We were just dubbing for the cantonese version. I think it is just as well. It will be boring if there are no regrets in life,” lamented Tony.

Tony also expressed that Wong Kar Wai’s films needed to watch several times to fully comprehend the meaning behind the film.

“The first time when I watched was for editing. The second time when I watched it, I only saw my performance. The third time was watching for other actors’ performance. The fourth time was for the conceptualisation, and the fifth time was for the costumes and setting. When I watched it the sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth time, only then could I fully understand what he was trying to say”.

Tony also said that he had discussed the Wing Chun arts with Stephen Chow during his training period. “Stephen Chow learnt Wing Chun before. When he bumped into me once, he said, ‘I think Wing Chun is supposed to be like this.’ I replied, ‘Fine Fine, I understand’. It is harmless to listen. Everyone has their opinions and friends will also wish to help out”.


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