15 awards become 16? Linda Chung almost did not win any award?

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TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2015 was held last Saturday November 28. Linda Chung, Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin were the top three in the award category, My Favourite TVB Actress in a Leading Role.

However, Nancy and Kristal were both crowned the TV Queen title. Linda was seen to be disappointed with the results, as she did not smile the entire evening.

Local media also reported that the My Favourite TVB TV Characters initially only had 15 awards. After the 15 awards were given, the hosts announced that the supporting actor and actress awards would be announced after the commercial.

However, after the commercial, the host suddenly announced the 16th My Favourite TVB TV Character, and it was given to Linda. Suspicions were raised that the last award was intentionally given to her to save her face as she attended the award ceremony.

Netizens have helped to defend Linda, saying that the awards were not given in order, and Linda might not garner the lowest number of votes. She was just unlucky to be given at the last spot.

When asked if she was disappointed losing the TV Queen to Nancy and Kristal, Linda said, “No. It’s not important to win or not. Most importantly, everyone likes the character I am playing.”

Linda also tried to divert the topic, and said, “Actually, I want to say that I will be having a concert in March at Genting!”


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  1. siirleu Reply

    Tavia hopes to see TVB has 3 Queens and Him Law rqst for 2 Kings. Chances wud be hi for him to be King. To become king and queen final say will still come from the top management. Votes by the public is just a “show”. Actor or actress not likeable by the management will be nail or frozen. Cud be the recent tabloid that was brought up by Linda the happening took place in Hengdian makes Virginia Loke so frustrated that she rqst the best actress to be given away to someone else instead Linda act show Limelight. Anything can be done or change last mins or second. Alot of netizens find the show Limelight was much better than OT. I am not siding anyone. Script contents has to be genuine. The show OT looks fake

  2. siirleu Reply

    Linda, i don’t think u need to explain to the world about your award No.16th. It shud not exist in the 1st place just like having 2 awards for best actress. Tavia has made a comment ie this coming TVB award in HK should have a result best actress x 3. The value to become best actress is no longer valuable. Remember this, Linda .. perseverance is the mother to success.
    Stay low profile and be humble.

  3. siirleu Reply

    In a year there are so many awards to be given away round d world lkewise grammy, oscar and etc but never come across best actress x 2. I think M’sia is the 1st in history. I think Kristin and Nancy shud sit down and think how did the 300,000 votes to be shared by 2. Thru out the nite the awards given out is just to make the actors and actress to be happy to give them a feel of the prize. The best part of the show was the award to Uncle Wu Fung. Salute to him.

    1. Jessie Reply

      Exactly! I also wonder how the votes are equally shared between Nancy and Kristal although I like both of them. How about Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma? Is it because they did not attend and so they did not win any award?