Linda Chung finally films TVB drama after 4 years

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Linda Chung has been residing in Vancouver ever since she got married to a Chiropractor, Jeremy Leung. After four years, Linda is finally back to Hong Kong to film a new TVB drama!

She will be filming ‘Children’s Hospital’ (兒童醫院) together with Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma and Him Law.

After completing the 14-day quarantine period, Linda was spotted in TVB for a costume fitting. She did not wish to accept any interview as the crew wanted her to keep confidential about her role.

When asked if her children would be missing her since she will be filming a few months in Hong Kong, she said, “No. They will be so much happier.”

During her quarantine, she has been studying her role and reading the script.

“I have done my homework, and memorised my lines. I have prepared well for my role.”


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