Will the kiss of the century happen? Nancy Wu is confident to win the TV Queen again

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Hot favourite for TV Queen, Nancy Wu attended the poon choi dinner feast yesterday.

When asked if she was confident to win the award this year, Nancy said, “I am confident. Usually, when I saw the colleagues, they would say that they support A Fist Within Four Walls <城寨英雄>. After the two rounds of awards ceremonies, the viewers should have made their choices.”

After the TVB Star Awards Malaysia 2016, there was word that rumoured couple, Nancy and Ruco would have a kiss of century if they both won the TV King and TV Queen in Hong Kong. Nancy said that the host Dodo Cheng said it to create atmosphere.

Nancy smiled and said, “I didn’t say that! (Did you mean to go back on your word?) I don’t know. Everyone will know at that time. Please vote! Vote more!”

Nancy said that she would vote for her co-screen partner, Ruco Chan for the TV King award.

“There is only 1 TV King. I don’t know who else to vote if I don’t vote for him. He is the TV King in my heart. I hope Kuen Lo and Tiu Lan will win the awards together.”


Ruco Chan attended the dinner later due to filming. When asked why he was so low-key while garnering votes, Ruco said, “Yes, I am more low-profile. I am happier this year, but I will just treat it normally. Disappointment is higher when your hope is higher. I will just do my job well. If I don’t win, I will work harder next year.”

Ruco said that he would vote for Wayne Lai instead of himself. For the TV Queen, he will definitely vote for Nancy.

“We are good friends. She should be winning this year! I also vote for her. Will have to see if she knows what to do and treat me to a meal! I also voted for her last year.”


Source: On.cc

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