Aaron Yan’s bathroom scenes caught on cameras

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Aaron Yan will be showcasing his day-to-day personal life on a web reality programme, The Aaron Time. In order to let his fans understand him better, 21 cameras were placed at Aaron’s office, car and even his home.

Every corner of the star’s home was placed with camera, be it his wardrobe, kitchen or even toilet. Aaron was initially uncomfortable about facing the cameras, and had to ran to his sister’s room to change his clothes. When he had to use the bathroom, he would use the one at his parents’ room instead.

The Fahrenheit’s member said, “I was so worried that I would be ‘exposed’ on cameras! When I had to use the toilet, I would even use a cloth to cover the camera or turn myself around.”

After a month of shooting, Aaron could not be bothered with the cameras anymore as he was too tired after a day of filming. When told that his bathroom scenes would be edited into the programme, Aaron was shocked but trusted the production team.



“I gradually adjusted my mentality and treated it as a documentary programme to present the real side of me.”

The editing crew revealed that they were increasingly worried that they would see something that they were not supposed to when Aaron was sleeping at night.

With that, Aaron replied jokingly, “It’s best that such thing exists!”

The Aaron Time is slated to air on 9 May 2014.

Watch a preview of The Aaron Time

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