Aimee Chan announces third pregnancy!

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Aimee Chan has just revealed that she is pregnant for the third time!

Aimee announced her pregnancy when she was attending an event this afternoon. Although she is expecting, she was seen wearing a pair of 5-inch high heels.

Aimee shared that she is 3.5 months pregnant and the gender of the baby is not known yet.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl. Most importantly, the baby is healthy. We already have 2 princes at home. It’s fine if there are 4 princes at home.”

Asked if her husband, Moses Chan had given her any gifts, Aimee smiled, “He has given me 2 sons. They are my most precious gifts. There is a even bigger gift which is our third child. That is enough.”

Aimee also denied that her third child was an accident. “It’s not. Moses and I have long go planned for a third child.”

Aimee has completed her filming in Malaysia. After filming, she and Moses went to Ko Samui for a vacation.

Asked if the baby was “made in Ko Samui”, Aimee said, “Not sure. My older son is 2 years old, and my younger one is 8 months plus. It will be tiring for me to take care of them, but I prefer to do it myself. I like the warmth feeling. (Trying for a fourth one?) Three is enough. It will be very tiring. I also hope to continue my acting career in future.”



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