Alex Fong and Stephy Tang announce breakup, end 10 years relationship

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Alex Fong and Stephy Tang’s 10 years relationship has come to an end. The couple announced their breakup through their agency yesterday.

Dubbed as the golden couple, the public thought that Alex and Stephy would eventually walk down the isle. When their breakup news surfaced, fans and media were all shocked.

The statement said that both parties had considered carefully and felt that the breakup was the best option. They remain as good partners at work, and are still good friends privately.

Yesterday afternoon, Stephy also responded on her breakup through social media, and dismissed that no third party was involved. She said that they were working towards the same direction in the past 10 years, but their pace gradually became inconsistent.

Stephy also defended Alex and said, “Alex is the nicest guy that I have known. I do not have the luck to grow old with him, and I can only blame the arrangement of fate. I do not have the right to regret, and do not need to regret.”


She said, “Breaking up is probably to fulfill the greater love. To fulfill that other party can find someone more suitable.”

Stephy also apologised for causing disappointment to the public. “There is a lot of pressure when a real couple becomes onscreen couple. Everyone has great expectations of us. Please give us your blessings. I can only say sorry. We let everyone down! There is no fairytale in my world. There is only love. Our love is real and it was never fake.”

According to Hong Kong media, the couple broke up because Stephy was disheartened that Alex did not have plans to get married. Two days ago, Alex was seen driving two women in his car. He responded, “I don’t care. It’s not true!”

Source: Oriental Daily

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