Angelica Lee forgives husband’s cheating and is now expecting twins

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Angelica Lee is expecting a pair of twins!

Yesterday, the 40-year-old Malaysian singer-actress shared a drawing of her pregnant self holding hands with her husband to announce the joyous news. She wrote on her Weibo, “This new year, we bring a heart filling with joy, and welcome the arrival of two new lives!”

Angelica’s director husband Oxide Pang also confirmed her pregnancy. Oxide said, “We are going to have a pair of monkey twins! Angelica is the most exhausting as she is pregnant with 2 babies. She has been vomiting ‘colourfully’. I am grateful for what she has done! I also thank everyone for your blessings! Thank you”

The couple currently has a 14-year-old daughter from Oxide’s previous marriage.

Two years ago, Oxide was caught having an extra-marital affair with young model Liddy Li. However, Angelica eventually forgave him and the couple released a statement then that they would face the scandal together.

Angelica’s good friends have also sent their blessings. Valen Hsu said, “Finally, I can share this good news. I am a godmother again! I am as happy as the mummy.”

Fish Leong said, “Congrats to Angelica for expecting twins! Wishing the baby will be healthy. Take care of yourself during pregnancy.”

Gigi Leung said, “I am so excited and happy for you after knowing the news. The babies will be very fortunate having you as a mother who is filled with so much love. I am looking forward to the arrival of two monkeys! Help me kiss your tummy!”

Meanwhile, netizens also sent their congratulations to Angelica and urged Oxide not to repeat his mistake again. One said, “I hope Angelica’s husband will not hurt her anymore, and treats her well wholeheartedly.”

Source: Apple Daily, The Sun

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    The dude is ugly with bad teeth.. I don’t know what she sees in him.. I hope the kids are as pretty as her