Angelica Lee has patched things back with Oxide Pang

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Angelica Lee’s husband, Oxide Pang was caught cheating after being photographed kissing model, Liddy Li on the street. 

Attending an event with Sylvia Chang in Taiwan today, Angelica was spotted looking cheery. When asked about her marriage with Oxide, Angelica did not dodge the question and said, “We are good. We faced it, handled it and have let go. We have moved on.”

Angelica also said that she would take some time to meet up with Oxide, who is currently filming in Taiwan.

Angelica’s mentor, Sylvia was worried about her after Oxide’s cheating scandal surfaced. When asked if she had felt sorry for Angelica, Sylvia said, “I have always felt sorry for her since the day I met her. She has always been quite lost and confuse. Like yesterday, she almost could not make it here because her passport expiry date is less than 6 months.”

“I felt sorry for her because she had to handle so many things despite being a muddle-headed person. She has also grown up after dealing with such difficult tasks.”

Sylvia also encouraged Angelica that “the person who loves her will always be by her side.”



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