Liddy Li scolded by netizens after sending congratulations to Angelica Lee

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Angelica Lee’s film director husband, Oxide Pang was photographed kissing young model, Liddy Li two years ago. Following the scandal, Angelica and Oxide’s marriage was on the rocks. However, Angelica eventually forgave Oxide.

Recently, Angelica announced happily that she was pregnant with twins. Through the Hong Kong media, Liddy sent her congratulations to the couple. Shortly after, Liddy also posted on her Weibo that she passed a red wine certification course. She said, “The feelings of passing an examination returns. I have passed! Yeah!”

Many netizens have since left scolding remarks on Liddy’s Weibo, and called her names such as, “Cheap” and “Mistress”.

Liddy was named as the “third party” when the kissing photo of her and Oxide was published two years ago. After the scandal, she deleted all her photos and postings from her Weibo, but retained only her photo with Oxide, in which she was slammed for it.

After Oxide issued a joint statement with Angelica, saying that they would face the future together, Liddy then deleted the photo with Oxide.

Source: Ettoday

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  1. Chelsea Reply

    No way! What was Liddy thinking? Conveying her congrats through the media? My gosh! She should not have done that and a better moved would have been a “no comment”. Move on! Learn from your lesson!