Any money disputes with ex-girlfriend, Gigi Ho? Edwin Siu: “Er…..”

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Hinson Chau revealed that he and Lily Ho had broken up due to money disputes. Hinson said that Lily’s older sister, Gigi Ho had demanded HK$100,000 to HK$200,000 living expenses every month for their family. 

TVB actor, Edwin Siu who once dated Gigi was asked on the matter when he attended the event recently. Edwin said that he had read the report.

When asked if he and Gigi had any money disputes when they were dating, Edwin said, “Er….. No. I don’t want to respond as it involved other people.”

When being probed if he was asked to fork out money during their relationship, Edwin gave an ambiguous reply, “Since young, my parents taught me that if we lend money to others, be expected to lose a friend. Either we lend or we don’t lend. We have to see our ability. I manage my money very well. (Do you lend money?) If we don’t intend to be friends anymore, then just lend to them, but I don’t advise to do so. (The report said that it was giving money, not lending!) Then you have to ask the person.”

The reporter then grilled Edwin if Gigi’s family had demanded money from him. Edwin gave an awkward smile, “Ah……. Since it’s Christmas, let’s wish everyone a Merry Christmas!”

Asked if he had met Gigi’s father before, Edwin said that they had met before but it was not related to any money issues. He then urged the reporters not to ask him anymore questions related to his ex-girlfriend.

“It happened so long ago, and it was all in the past. I forgot about it. Let’s talk about something happy!


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