Priscilla Wong becomes billionaire heiress overnight!

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TVB actress, Priscilla Wong has become a billionaire heiress overnight after her father’s construction firm, Luen Wong went public yesterday!

Luen Wong Group’s stock jumped 14.38% within a day, and today, the stock continued to raise to HK$14 today! Based on Hong Kong reports, Luen Wong is now worth more than HK$5.279 billion, making Priscilla a billionaire heiress overnight!

Yesterday, Priscilla and her boyfriend, Edwin Siu were invited to the listing ceremony. Priscilla also praised her father, Wong Wing-wah on her social media, “My father started as a fish hawker to a construction worker. He suffered from frozen hands to feet pierced by nails, and suffered for many years.”

“A few years ago, my father wanted to retire and I immediately supported him. However, he did not stop. Today is my father’s big day. It is no longer you being proud of us, but rather, we are proud of you. Daddy, you are so smart!”


Although currently ascended to a billionaire heiress, Priscilla remained humble and appeared to be embarrassed when asked about it. She said, “I don’t want to talk much about my family. I don’t want to affect them. (Your family’s net worth increased 10 fold?) I don’t want to talk about it. It’s family matters.”

Priscilla said that life is still the same for her, and her family is still living a frugal lifestyle. She also revealed that she had received over 100 text messages asking about the stock.

She wrote on her Facebook today, “I was shocked when I received more than 100 text messages asking about the stock. I immediately asked my father. My father said it has always been a number game, and we are not familiar with speculation, and we will not speculate. My father’s listing is to raise funds for the construction business. My father is not interested in stocks, and I am not interested too.”

“My father will continue to work hard, and I will continue to act well. Mother will continue to shop for cheap groceries. We are still maintaining our happy and simple lifestyle. If you ask me, not a single cent entered into my account. Not a single cent. But if you want me to treat you to a meal, I am still able to.”



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