‘Blue Veins’ ending criticized by netizens

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Starring Kevin Cheng, Kay Tse and Grace Chan, TVB drama Blue Veins <殭> ended on Sunday night.

Despite its stellar cast, the ratings for Blue Veins ending episode was disappointing, achieving average ratings of 25.8 points and only peaked at 27 points.

Blue Veins producer Joe Chan admitted that he was disappointed with the ratings of the drama. He said, “I wanted to change the viewers’ habits of watching dramas. They need to catch every episode of the drama. Sometimes, viewers become judgmental and criticised after only watching 1 or 2 episodes. As a TV person, we have to keep trying. Viewers have to improve too.”


However, many netizens have rebutted Joe Chan and pointed out that the ending was illogical. There were many flaws such as:

1) Grace Chan who acted as Lam Mung-Yiu committed suicide in the previous episode, but she appeared again at the end. She even travelled into the future with her sister, Lam Mung-Nam through a wormhole.

2) C Kwan and Ho Nin were humans, but they could fly like an immortal in the ending episode.

3) If there were a wormhole, why didn’t Lam Mung-Nam try to destroy the source of virus, instead of finding an antidote.

4) If the wormhole existed, why did Ying Wut-zoek had to wait 100 years later to meet Lam Mung-Nam?

5) Ying Wut-zoek was surrounded by hundreds of vampires at the end, and the scene was suddenly cut. What happened to the war between him and the vampires?




Source: Apple Daily HK

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