Grace Chan criticized for her belief in horoscope: “Aren’t you a Christian?”

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Grace Chan recently announced that she is pregnant again with a baby boy. She has also been giving updates to her fans on her Instagram.

On July 27, Grace introduced a series of Zodiac necklace on her IG, but unfortunately drew criticisms from netizens.

She wrote, “Not sure if everyone believes in horoscope? I find it quite interesting, so I will also take note of myself and my family’s horoscope analysis. As my zodiac sign is Cancer, I am very family-oriented, and love my family. My husband is a Leo, he is very responsible. And baby Rafa is an Aquarius, he is very sentimental. Haha. This is so interesting! @Swarovski launched a series of Zodiac necklace. I bought it immediately, and wear it together with my husband and Rafa. Now that we have another boy, do you want to guess he is which Zodiac sign?”

As Grace is a Christian, many netizens have criticized her for her belief in horoscope.

“Are you a Christian? You actually believe in horoscope? Why will you find horoscope interesting?”

“Grace, are you really a Christian?”

“You believe in God and horoscope at the same time? It reminded me “You cannot serve both God and mammon?”

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