Chilam Cheung gets slammed for joking about euthanizing his dog

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Recently, Hong Kong actor-singer Chilam Cheung has been slammed by netizens after cracking a joke.

In an interview, Chilam shared that he had not been able to toilet train his dog, and it has been peeing all over his house. He said that he was quite frustrated by it, and jokingly commented that he would consider euthanizing the dog.

When the report was published, many dog lovers started to slam Chilam on the forum.

One netizen angrily said, “If he doesn’t want the dog, he could have given it away. Why does he have to euthanize the dog?”

Responding on the netizens’ criticisms, Chilam immediately clarified, “I was just joking. Sometimes, when my son is very naughty, I also feel like choking him, but it doesn’t mean that I will do it. How come people don’t have a sense of humour nowadays. I really dote on my pets. I used to have cat, dog, turtle, and my relationship with my dog is very good. I really dote on him. Sometimes, he is really mischievous so I just joke about it. Don’t worry, the dog is fine. Our whole family loves him.”

In another interview, Chilam apologised for his careless remark.

“The interview was done in a very relaxed environment, and my careless remark made people believe that it was true. I would like to say sorry. My dog is still growing healthily and happily. Although it has been peeing around the house, there is nothing we can do. We will not abandon him. We will think of a solution. Please be rest assured.”

Source: HK Channel

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  1. Jessie Reply

    I believe it’s just a joke. I don’t believe he will really euthanize his dog.