Daniel Chan accused of dumping ex-girlfriend

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The newly-wed Daniel Chan is hit by a scandal that said he had dumped his ex-girlfriend after her miscarriage.

Hong Kong tabloids claimed that in 2010, Daniel was engaged to Chinese model, Dan Dan who is 12 years younger than him. However, Daniel chose to put his wedding on hold after both his grandmother and father fell sick at the same time.

Dan Dan allegedly felt that Daniel was insincere about marrying her and when he returned to Beijing, she broke the news to him that, “Our child is gone.” Shortly after, the couple broke off.

Daniel, who just got married two days ago, was initially full of smiles after seeing a reporter. When asked to respond on his ex-girlfriend’s miscarriage, Daniel immediately turned over to check on his wife’s reaction.

Daniel’s manager responded that Dan Dan was already married and had clarified before that she broke up with him because she “could not handle the stress.”

Responding on the scandalous report, Daniel’s manager said, “It is not true and we won’t respond. We reserve the right to pursue the case as it damages Daniel’s reputation.”

Source: Nownews 

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