Ella Koon expecting a boy!

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Ella Koon, who is more than 3 months pregnant attended an event yesterday,

Ella said that she has since gained 10 pounds during her pregnancy, and exercises three times a week. She has been swimming and practicing yoga, and hopes to gain weight healthily.

Ella also excitedly shared that she is expecting a baby boy!

“I thought of giving birth to a baby girl so that she can be my best friend, but I am very touched after learning that it’s a boy. When I called my husband, I was almost in tears. When we were dating, we discussed about babies names, and most of them were boy’s names.”


Ella also thought that her looks had changed since expecting.

“Many said that expecting a boy will make your looks uglier. Will my looks be restored? Anyway, for the sake of baby, I don’t mind looking uglier for 10 months.”

Ella also hopes to have three children in future.

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