Ella Koon shares cute baby photos

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Ella Koon gave birth to her first baby last month.

Today marks the first month of her son, Gabriel-Antonio Maurellet(BéBé G), and she shares three photos of her baby.

She said, “Hello everyone! I am Gabriel-Antonio Maurellet, and today is my first month. I am happy to meet you!.”

Ella shared that she wanted to update her fans and media earlier, but as she was busy breastfeeding and taking care of her baby, she did not have time to post her update.

“I insist to breastfeed my baby because it’s the best for BéBé G. Nothing can replace such bonding, even though it’s even more tiring than filming. However, when I see BéBé G’s satisfaction after feeding, I feel that it’s worth it!”

“I really enjoy being a mum! This is the happiest thing in my life!”



Source: On.cc

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