Faye Wong drew backlash for drinking with 14-year-old daughter

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Since divorcing with Li Yapeng in 2013, Faye Wong‘s daughter, Li Yan has been living with her father. Despite not living together, Faye still enjoys a bonding relationship with her daughter.

Recently, the Chinese media spotted Faye and Li Yan heading to a hair salon for haircut. While Faye is doing her hair, Li Yan sat next to her and played her handphone. They were also seen chatting and laughing.

Shortly after, Faye started to smoke e-cigarette, and drank red wine. Li Yan also followed her mother and took a sip of red wine. Her action of drinking from a wine glass look very matured and it does not seem like she drank wine for the first time.

While Faye and Li Yan left the hair salon, they were accompanied by three men. Faye looked a little tipsy and had to be held by a friend.

Many netizens have pointed out it was too young for the 14-year-old Li Yan to drink any alcohol as she is still very young. Meanwhile, Faye also drew backlash for allowing her daughter to drink with her.

Source: On.cc

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