Getting back with Charmaine Sheh? Kevin Cheng: If there is, I will announce.

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Recently, Kevin Cheng attended an event and was grilled about his love life. Still single currently, the 45-year-old diamond bachelor revealed his intention to settle down soon.

“I hope to have my own family soon, but a man cannot be too greedy, as I feel that many of my wishes have been fulfilled. I am grateful,” said Kevin.

When asked if he has any love interest now, Kevin said, “If there is anyone, I will announce it. I hope everyone can give me some space. Previously, I met up with some friends for a meal at Shanghai, and there was report that said that I was dating. I am really not. I know everyone is anxious for me, but such things can’t be rushed.”

Recent rumours had been circling that Kevin had got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Charmaine Sheh.

When asked if he would get back together with Charmaine, Kevin did not reply directly and said, “If there is, I will announce. If there isn’t, there is nothing to say.”

Source: Oriental Daily 

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