Gigi Ho’s father disapproves Edwin Siu?

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Rumour has it that Edwin Siu has been dating Gigi Ho for almost three years. Although the 36-year-old actor is heavily groomed by TVB in recent years, tabloids claimed that Gigi’s father had objected to his daughter for seeing him. Mr Ho allegedly thinks that Edwin is not wealthy enough for his daughter.

Gigi groomed to marry the rich 

Mr Ho has groomed his two daughters, Gigi and Lily Ho to mingle with the rich at the racecourse since they were young. He allegedly wanted his daughters to marry into the wealthy family. Possessing a pretty look, Gigi is actively pursued by the rich second generation. However, Gigi allegedly only has eyes for Edwin.

Edwin and Gigi knew each other at the end of 2010. At that time, Edwin had just signed with TVB and his acting career had not taken off yet. Mr Ho allegedly was against his daughter of seeing Edwin. Despite her father’s objection, Gigi continued to see Edwin and even left house and moved in with him.

Edwin despised by Gigi’s father? 

Edwin’s career has been seeing some results in recent years. He was featured prominently in many dramas and is starring alongside with Wayne Lai and Myolie Wu in new drama, Rosy Business 3 <巾幗梟雄之諜血雌雄>. He is also actively sought over by the mainland advertisers to perform in China. Last year, he finally bought an apartment at HK$4.64 million.

Edwin is said to be trying hard to win over Gigi’s parents. He has been sending them expensive dried seafood and ginseng and inviting them for meals. Despite that, Mr Ho allegedly still thinks that Edwin is not good enough for Gigi. An insider said, “Uncle thinks that his popularity will not last. He also thinks that his house is not even big enough to display a four-seater dining table! He even said, ‘How many years will a 36-year-old man pay for his 4 million house?”

Mr Ho furious upon hearing Edwin’s name

On the eve of Edwin’s birthday (22 March 2013), the couple was photographed to be around Edwin’s apartment. When asked about Gigi’s relationship with Edwin, Mr Ho reportedly was furious and said, “Do not talk to me about this person.”

Edwin’s response 

At the set of Rosy Business 3, Edwin denies his romance with Gigi and emphasised that they were only good friends.

Responding to reports that he was despised by Gigi’s father, Edwin replied, “I have not seen the report and do not know how to respond. However, I do not see any issue about how a father will want his daughter to marry well. I am not at all unhappy.”

Edwin said that he had met Mr Ho before and found him to be amicable. Mr Ho has also taught Edwin a lot of knowledge on horses and said that they have a friendly relationship.

Asked if he would try to improve on their relationship, Edwin said, “It depends. I have to work everyday and am so tired after work. I have no time to deal with such thing.”

Source: Sina, Apple Daily, Ming Pao 

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