Has electric feel with Kevin Cheng? Charmaine Sheh: I don’t know how to reply

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Nancy Sit, who is currently filming with Charmaine Sheh in the new film, Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光>, exposed that Charmaine has a love interest.

Attending the TVB Anniversary Awards celebratory banquet, Nancy was asked if Charmaine’s love interest was Kevin Cheng.

Nancy said, “I don’t know. I also want to find out! I will call Kevin since I am more familiar with him. Alternatively, I will invite him to my radio programme and give him 45 minutes of airtime for him to explain.”

Not sure if Nancy was speaking the truth or if she was joking, she said that Charmaine and Kevin’s eye contact had “electric feel”.

Charmaine, who was recently crowned TV Queen was grilled if she had “electric feel” with Kevin. Looking embarrassed, Charmaine said, “This is too sensitive! (You guys really had sparks?) No, I was being teased by my mum [referring to Nancy Sit]. I have to thank her.”

Nancy took the chance to promote Kevin to Charmaine. “Actually, Kevin is not bad! He always like to keep things to himself. I will interview him later and ask him.”

Upon hearing Nancy’s words, Charmaine was not sure if she wanted to laugh or cry.


When asked the second time if she and Kevin had electric feel, Charmaine said, “I don’t know how to reply!”

When being told that Kevin had earlier said that it was impossible for him and Charmaine to patch back, Charmaine looked surprised and said, “Why did he say such thing? I was sick for the past few days and did not have time to read the news.”

Source: On.cc

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