Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy stage birthday surprise?

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Angelababy was envied by many girls when during her 25th birthday, her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming surprised her with a HK$2.3 million Lamborghini gift! Like a romantic movie, Xiaoming even presented her with a banquet of flowers and the couple hugged in front of the cameras.

However, Hong Kong media suggested that the birthday ‘surprise’ was actually staged by the couple. It was revealed that the Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder was pre-registered under Angelababy’s name, and it was impossible for her not to know it in advance.

The Hong Kong actress-model was hence accused of acting and pretending to be surprised.

Reports also said that the sports car was originally bought by Chilam Cheung at HK$3.68 million, who then sold it to his boss, Stephen Shiu Jr. The car was then re-sold to Xiaoming at HK$2.3 million.

Angelababy’s manager, Kim dismissed the reports on her Weibo. “Don’t you know how to give your blessings? Baby did not know about the birthday surprise at all.”

Kim said that the driver’s name would have to be registered first after purchase and she assisted Xiaoming secretly to file the paperwork.

Source: Nownews, Sina

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