Huang Xiaoming vows to marry Angelababy next year

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Celebrity power couple, Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy are going to tie the knot soon!

At a meet-the-fans session in Shanghai two days ago, Xiaoming shared his marriage plans with his fans.

“It’s a joke when I said that I would get married when the box office sales has to break 1 billion. I will respond this officially. Whether the box office sales break 1 billion or not, I will still marry Baby,” said Xiaoming.

Xiaoming also added that he would get married before his birthday next year. “I said before that I would get married before 40. I think it should be next year.”

Xiaoming also praised Angelababy openly. “Baby is a very good girl. She has never asked for anything luxurious. She is like a tough woman in real life. Our characters are compatible and we get along very well.”

On Angelababy’s birthday this year, Xiaoming personally drove a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, worth HK$2.3 million on the street and handed it over to her. That marked their relationship officially.

This year, Angelababy was also seen accompanying Xiaoming’s parents on a vacation, confirming her status as their “daughter-in-law”.

Source: Apple Daily, Sina 

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