It’s a baby girl for Lisa S and Daniel Wu!

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Yesterday, Lisa S attended a Louis Vuitton event at Pacific Place in Hong Kong. Clad in an elegant long dress, Lisa still wore a pair of 5-inch high heels despite in her 3rd month pregnancy.

Sharing excitedly that her first baby will a girl, Lisa said, “Daniel (吳彥祖) is worried that when his daughter bring her boyfriend home in future, he may get into a fight with the boyfriend!”

Lisa does not mind the gender of her baby and the couple will welcome their baby happily be it a boy or a girl. Asked if she was pressurised about having a baby boy to carry the family line, Lisa said, “No! Whether it is a boy or a girl, we will be happy. We can always try again”.

Lisa shared that she would deliver her baby in Hong Kong and was not sure if she would opt a natural birth. “I can’t make up my mind between natural delivery or through Cesarean section. I am scared for both methods, but the doctor said that I would have an easier delivery due to my height”.

Since pregnancy, Lisa has put on 10 kg of weight and even her cup size has increased too.


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