Jacky Wu blasts Huang An: “He is like a rat which everyone hates”

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Taiwanese K-pop star and Twice member, Chou Tzu-yu made a public apology after pro-China Taiwanese artiste Huang An accused her for promoting pro-Taiwan independence. The 16-year-old teen star was waiving the flag of Republic of China on Korean television earlier.

A few days ago, Jacky Wu and his daughter Sandy Wu were recording a variety programme, and he was asked on Huang An’s accusation on Tzu-yu. Jacky was agitated and slammed Huang An, “His one sentence ‘I will put you in my watch list’…. Who are you to say that? Is he crazy?”

Jacky added, “He has become a rat which everyone hates. He has to reflect why the situation turns this way for him.”

Jacky also questioned Huang An’s love for his “motherland”. He said, “Where was he during the Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake. I was at Wenchuan during that time. We were sending supplies there. How about the 921 earthquake and where was he? There should be love between people and we should not hurt others. ”

“He has to use this chance to reflect. After he left Taiwan, he turned around and scolded Taiwan. So, when he leaves Beijing, he has to scold Beijing too?”

Jacky also said that what Huang An did was damaging the cross-strait relations. “You can do anything, but you cannot sabotage the harmony between both sides. Someone high up will deal with him.”


Source: Apple Daily, Ettoday

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