Jimmy Lin to hold wedding this year; son to be page boy

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201305301649236481447Jimmy Lin will hold a wedding banquet for his wife this year. What’s special for the couple is that their lovely son will be the page boy at their wedding ceremony.

Jimmy and his Taiwanese model then, Kelly Chen registered for marriage in 2010, five months after the birth of their son. Jimmy has expressed his regret for not holding a wedding ceremony for his wife.

“After Kimi (Jimmy’s son) was born, I always feel something is missing. This year, I will be holding a wedding ceremony for my wife. This has been my dream these years. I hope that the wedding will bring joy to my wife and family.”

“I always wanted to hold a wedding ceremony and let our son be the page boy. I have even prepared a mini tuxedo for him. He is almost four now and can’t fit into the clothing anymore.”

When asked why there was a delay in his wedding ceremony, Jimmy explained that the couple had intended to hold their wedding after the son was born, but had decided to postpone as his father had passed away that year.

Sources revealed that Kelly took the initiative in their relationship when she introduced herself as a fan to Jimmy at an event in 2004. A month later, Kelly and Jimmy met again at a car racing event and started their relationship.

Kelly did not gain the approval of Jimmy’s father initially due to her young age, until she successfully managed Jimmy’s restaurant and turned into a profitable business. Since then, Jimmy’s father changed his opinion of Kelly.

After news of their wedding was reported, some netizens exclaimed, “Kelly Chen is finally going to see this day!”

Source: Yes Entertainment 

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