Jiro Wang apologises to Aaron Yan for “cosmetic surgery” rumours

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At a recent promotional event in Hong Kong, Jiro Wang (汪东城) responded, “It’s right!”  when asked if Aaron Yan (炎亚纶) had undergo any cosmetic surgery to improve his looks. Hence, there were speculations  that Jiro and Aaron were not on good terms.

Confessing that he had a big reaction upon hearing the news, Aaron immediately called Jiro’s publicity executive to find out about the whole incident.

Aaron revealed that Jiro was panicked about his reaction and apologised to him via a text message. Jiro also hoped that Aaron would not put it to heart.

When asked if he had been “bashed” (leaking his cosmetic surgery deliberately) by Jiro, Aaron humorously poked fun at the reporter, “Is it true? Did I get bruised?”

Aaron believed that Jiro never had any ill intention and then said that the better their relationship, the more alike they are! He further added, “It’s like my dog and I are looking more and more alike!”

Aaron also defended Jiro and expressed that they both did not seek any cosmetic surgery as they were afraid of pain.

Source: ent.sina.com

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