Jiro Wang denies cosmetic surgery and falling out with Aaron Yan

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Rumours are rampant that Jiro Wang (汪东城) and Aaron Yan (炎亚纶) went for cosmetic surgery to improve their looks. A comparison to Jiro’s past and recent photographs by netizens show that he now has a higher nose bridge and sharper facial features, arising speculations if Jiro had surgically enhanced his features.

Grilled by media, Jiro said, “My image in the past is a bit old-fashioned. Now, we can improve by using makeup, hairstyling and even eye shadow can make it (face) look more dimensional.”

Being transformed into a rock singer, Jiro said that he did not have any tattoo or ear piercing as he was afraid of pain. He only wears clip on earrings.

Many fans also pointed out that Jiro and Aaron were looking more and more alike. In response to it, Jiro stated that it was because of his hairstyle and side profile, which lead to the resemblance. Aaron earlier fended off the question by saying that he was looking more alike with his dog. Asked what animal he resembled, Jiro said, “I look like wolf as its eyes are red!”

The two Fahrenheit’s (飞轮海) members were also speculated to have a hostile relationship when Jiro answered, “Yes, it’s right!” to a question if Aaron had sought cosmetic surgery. Jiro reportedly apologised to Aaron for his unintentional words and also clarified that he only meant he understood the question.

Both have denied falling out. Jiro cleared the speculations, emphasing that they had a close relationship. Aaron also wrote in his Weibo, “If we bear so many grudges, our hearts will be clog!”

Source: et.21.cn

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