JJ Lin apologises to Jolin Tsai for neglecting her on stage because of G.E.M. Tang

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At a Shenzhen music awards last month, JJ Lin unintentionally neglected Jolin Tsai on stage when he sang a duet with G.E.M. Tang.

The host, Huang Zijiao spontaneously invited G.E.M. on stage to sing the song, Beautiful <手心的薔薇> with JJ, and forgot about Jolin who was still standing on the stage. It left Jolin totally awkward standing alone on the stage while JJ and G.E.M. were singing. Jolin’s fans were unhappy and slammed G.E.M. and JJ .

Recently in Hong Kong to promote his upcoming concert, JJ said that he had apologised to Jolin privately for the incident.

“The situation on the stage was spontaneous at that time. I told her I was sorry and she had accepted my apology. I agreed to write a song for her, but it was not done yet. (JJ, you lack of sincerity?) It happened last week. Good work has to be produced slowly,” said JJ.

JJ also shared that he had hoped to invite his idol, Jacky Cheung to be the guest performer at his concert, and is still waiting for the heavenly king to reply.

G.E.M. was earlier dropped out from the Chinese singing competition,  I Am a Singer after she insisted to sing her new songs. 

When asked if he would invite G.E.M. to be his guest performer, and what if she had to sing her new songs, JJ awkwardly smiled.

“Are you joking? Talk about such stuff? (Heard that she is expensive) Is it true? We did keep in touch privately, but we have already worked together in the last concert.”

Source: Wenweipo

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