Kay Tse suspected to be pregnant

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In April, Kay Tse held two farewell concerts and announced to halt her singing career for a year.

Yesterday, Kay and her husband Louis Cheung were spotted watching a movie at a shopping mall. Although the couple was married for 9 years, they still looked very loving, and walked hand-in-hand.

After watching the movie, they went shopping, and stopped by a shop selling baby products. The couple also stopped to look at a baby cot.

At the same time, Kay appeared to have put on weight and dressed in a loose dress. It led to speculations if the 39-year-old singer was pregnant.

Kay has since dismissed her pregnancy rumours and said, “I am really not [pregnant]. I like to look at baby cot when I go shopping. That day, we went to catch a show. Louis has been busy filming drama, and we have little chance to watch a movie. After watching the movie, we went for a dinner. As for walking hand-in-hand, we have kept it this way. Since dating to now, our relationship is very warm. We are happy. Anyway, if there’s any good news, we will inform everyone.”

As for Louis, he also denied Kay’s pregnancy. “She’s really not. It’s not because it has not passed the three months. She’s really not. We will continue to work hard.”




Source: On.cc

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