Kay Tse reveals the secret to her bustiness in ‘Blue Veins’

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Kay Tse’s figure has drawn attention after starring in TVB drama, Blue Veins <殭>.

In an episode, Kay who played a vampire was captured by an immortal, and she was tied lying down. As she was wearing a tight-fitting white blouse, her busty figure became a talking point on the forum.

When responding on netizens’ remarks, Kay said, “As there were a few action scenes, I specially bought a few bras with good support. I hoped to be neater. I did not wish for it to move left and right when I was running. I didn’t expect to draw so much speculations, and many asked why my cup size suddenly increased.”

She also joked, “If everyone buys a bra with good support, it’s not difficult to achieve that effect. I hope to encourage everyone!”

When Blue Veins first broadcasted, many netizens blasted Kay on her exaggerated acting. As the story develops, her character gradually transforms and becomes mature. Many viewers have now praised Kay for her first time acting. Her husband, Louis Cheung has also complimented her.

Kay said, “He did watch my drama on myTV after he finished his work. He said that I did well in my first drama, and there are different layers in my role. I am happy to have his recognition.”

Kay is currently taking a break from her singing career, and she is enjoying being a full-time mother.




Source: On.cc

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  1. TriciaQiling Reply

    Those western women are jealous and racist that as a Chinese Asian girl, I have bigger bustiness and yet a more slender figure, and a more beautiful face, not wearing those kinds of things. On the other hand, the other hand, those other women who do not look good, who are that cheat by wearing those fake and rude super duper padded things with tight clothing. Women who are heavy or fat or heavier but not that fat, sometimes have bustiness but women, some who are slim never or almost never have bustiness and cheat wearing those fake things.

  2. TriciaQiling Reply

    The TVB actress should have called that an extra thick padded push up bra which is wrong for any other actress to use and then lie and not admit it.

  3. TriciaQiling Reply

    Kayu Tse reveals the secret for her bustiness in that TVB drama. That is called an extra thick padded push up bra which is more correct, and that is not called a bra with good support which is not accurate and sounds confusing re: support. Any bra even with no padding (two different things) would have support and Kay should have called that a support bra with padding in either the original Cantonese article or the translated one to English..