Kevin Cheng reportedly flares up on filmset due to Grace Chan’s rape scene

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TVB’s drama, Brother’s Keeper 2 <巨輪II> is widely discussed on the forum because of its “strong flavour”  and  “incestuous” scene.

Besides doing a skinny dip scene, Grace also had a rape scene by her adoptive father, played by veteran actor, Hugo Ng.

When asked to comment on his girlfriend’s rape scene, Kevin said, “As an actor, why would I get angry over such scene? However, my mum asked why she had to film a daring scene so fast. I told my mum that if there was room for her to progress, she should try.”

Although Kevin said that he did not mind about Grace’s rape scene, he was said to be furious over the scene.

According to Hong Kong media, Kevin’s face changed after he heard about the scene from Grace. Although he did not blame Grace, he only analysed to her the pros and cons of doing such scene.

While filming a new drama, Lost <迷>, the usual friendly Kevin suddenly swore and banged on the table right in the face of the director and shouted, “I’m not filming this!”

The crew speculated that his mood was affected after viewing the rape scene by his girlfriend.



Source: Ettoday

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  1. Clarissa Xiang Reply

    My female Asian friends indicate that I am a pretty and beautiful Chinese Asian girl/woman. However, if I were an actress, I don’t think that I would film that kind of scene with the gross adoptive father. In the drama, Grace Chan who seems to have acted well in that scene.

  2. Clarissa Xiang Reply

    Grace Chan is such a beautiful Chinese Asian girl/woman. In Brother’s Keeper 2, that rape scene is awful but that is her adoptive father (the jerk and @(!@!**@*), that is not actually called (not) incestuous because it is not her biological father.