Last drama in TVB? Kevin Cheng partners with Kristal Tin in new drama

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Kevin Cheng and Kristal Tin attended a costume fitting session for TVB’s new drama, Mystery <迷> recently.

In Blue Veins <殭>, Kevin has a breakthrough in his image, but in the new drama, he will be portraying as a cop.

For the finale of Blue Veins, Grace specially baked a cake for Kevin and the couple watched the final episode together with Grace’s family.

When asked if he would stay in Hong Kong to work in order to spend more time with Grace, Kevin said, “It depends. At this stage, I want to take up jobs which I have interest in. It’s very hard to say in our industry as we never know what opportunities will come along. It depends on the situation.”

When asked if Mystery would be his last drama during his contract with TVB, Kevin admitted. “You can say that. (Have you discussed with TVB?) There is no need yet. We will discuss at the end of the year. (What’s the chance of renewing the contract?) I will let you know again.”

Meanwhile, Kristal reveals that she will have a daughter in the drama, and will only have romantic scenes with Kevin towards the end of the drama.

Kristal will portray a dark character this time. She said, “It’s very challenging, and towards the end, I will become crazy. I will harm others in order to protect myself.”




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