Linda Chung blasted by netizens for excessive use of English phrases in new drama

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Linda Chung’s new drama, K9 Cop <警犬巴打> is broadcasting recently.

In the drama, Linda portrays a veterinarian at the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, and she has many scenes with a police dog, Bah-da. Linda spoke many English phrases to the dog, such as, “Come on”, “Good boy”, “No”, and even “So proud of you.”

Many netizens remarked that Linda’s repeated phrases of “Come on” and “No” were annoying.

Besides dog, Linda also spoke English phrases in other scenes as well. In one scene with Bosco Wong, she named three historic figures, “David Loyd George”, “Thomas Woodrow Wilson” and “Georges Clemenceau” and asked him if he had reflected on himself through these three great men. She then snapped him with a reply, “I suppose not.”


Some netizens commented that although Linda spoke fluent English, it was strange listening to her English phrases in the drama. One said, “It was so tiring listening to her. I felt like skipping her part when I heard it.”

One said, “It’s so annoying listening to good boy, good boy all the time,” and one even said, “Dog can only understand English?”

However, some netizens also defended Linda, saying that her English usage was suitable for the role, as she played a veterinarian who graduated from United States.


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  1. Aeri Reply

    But she’s following a script? It ain’t her fault ..

  2. Phoebe O Reply

    Seriously??? Are U people seriously discussing whether did she using excessive English to give the dog instructions??
    I bet these people complaining have no experience in training dogs, I do not have too…
    But if the people do some research, should know that dog breeds like German Shepherd, trained K9 are usually trained using English or German to be trained, especially German language… But to fit in this drama which is a Cantonese drama series, she had to use English which is also a common language in HK to guide the K9, so it’s is NOT abnormal…

    It’s the people who complaint that are having problems… You think if she’s not going to give instructions to the German Shepherds, then do you expect her to use Cantonese to give instructions as if she’s giving instructions to a local breed mixed K9? Anyway, please do not find fault with an artiste just for the sake of complaining, because TVB is losing more and more talented artistes because lack of chances/opportunites and chances to earn big bucks… Don’t get so irritating over such small matters…

    Don’t get regret when TVB starts to have left with only a few artistes with good acting..

  3. Michelle Reply

    To my understand of her character in the drama , she is a smart & educated person who is probably multi talented in various of area. I actually enjoy hearing her speak in english because some lines sounds better in English vs in chinese. Idk how you say “good boy” to a dog in chinese without sounding weird. She portrayed a veterinarian very well & her acting is easy to look at.

  4. ynette Reply

    The fact is that if this is a chinese show, you use chinese. more natural. She is not the only actor/actress who can speak english well. There are many others. Speaking english in a chinese show is like flaunting it. A banana but of course, it cannot be her fault, should be the fault of the management (?), production crew (?)

  5. EL Reply

    Really, people? Criticizing someone because she uses too much English?