Linda Chung promises her husband to have 4 kids

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TVB actress Linda Chung and her chiropractor husband, Jeremy held their wedding at Vancouver last week.

During an interview, Linda shared that she got to know her husband through her older sister, and had known each other for more than 10 months.

“He has made me believe that there is meant to be in this world. When I know him on the fourth day, I already recognise him as my husband, and he recognises me as his wife. We have a long distance relationship, and it’s very tiring. Everytime we meet, we have to split again. He then felt that what were we waiting for? Since both of us are compatible, why don’t we quickly settle down?”

Linda said that they had initially wanted to get married in September last year, but because of her work schedule, she had to delay.


When asked about her pregnancy rumours, Linda hinted and said, “In Chinese custom, it’s best not to talk much about the baby. Some things are better not to be said. I will announce at an appropriate time.”

Linda also said that she would not retire from the showbiz after her marriage, as she still has existing contract with TVB. Jeremy will be travelling to Hong Kong frequently to spend more time with her. Linda also shared that her husband would wish to have 4 kids.

“We have to find time to meet after marriage, but I will not quit the showbiz. As for reducing my workload, you all would be able to tell as I want to have 4 kids. Are you shocked? I didn’t say this, it’s my husband, but I will cooperate.”






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