Ming Dao harassed by brother’s creditors

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The Taiwanese media reported that Ming Dao’s brother took his driving license and his family’s resident cards as collateral to take out a loan of NT$6.5 million.

After discharging from the army, Ming Dao travelled overseas to work and was not aware of his brother’s debts until he read it from the newspapers. Ming Dao’s brother reportedly has went into hiding and refuses to pay off his debts.

While promoting for his latest drama The King’s Woman <王的男人>on 3 March 2013, five creditors charged into the media conference and shouted, “Pay off the debts!”

Facing the awkward situation, an embarrassed Ming Dao quickly left the place under the protection of the working crew.

When talking about his brother, the Taiwanese actor said, “He has been a ticking time bomb for a long time.”

Being forced to clear up his brother’s mess, a helpless Ming Dao said, “When a hardship is finally coming to an end, I suddenly discover that there is still a long way to go.”

Ming Dao shared that he had spoken with his brother on the phone when he saw the reports in overseas. His brother has confessed that he had used his celebrity status to take out the loan. After their last tele-conversation, his brother has changed his phone number and remains uncontactable.

The 33-year-old actor was apologetic over the chaotic situation at the press conference. He said, “I am sorry to everyone for affecting your mood during the new year.”

Source: Ettoday 

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