Moses Chan and Aimee Chan on a family vacation

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After filming Fashion War <潮流教主>, Moses Chan took his wife and his two sons on a vacation.

Although they did not state where they were going, Aimee uploaded two photos on her Weibo. It looks like they are on a beach destination.

In a photo, Moses was taking his elder son Aiden on a walk at the sandy beach. In another photo, their younger son, baby Nathan looked like he was enjoying the sunlight.

Aimee said, ” Vacation…Baby Prince relaxing on a hammock.”




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  1. Maureen M. Reply

    The Chan family, husband and wife are evenly yoked. They share the same heart and commitment to their relationship and are protective of it. They are also very mature in their marriage and family relationship. They know the press or media are only out for their own glory and don’t care how they destroy famillies and they keep wraps on their relationship. They show the press only what they want on their own terms to protect their marriage and family. Van Ness Wu and his spoiled wife should take a hint from them.