Moses Chan personally collects his son’s birth certificate: “I want to witness this moment”

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Moses Chan has completed filming his new drama, Fashion War <潮流教主>.

After filming this drama, Moses finally has more spare time for his wife, Aimee Chan and his two sons. A few days ago, the family of four even went together to collect the younger son’s birth certificate.

“I was very busy recently, and so I went to collect it [birth certificate] late. I wanted to do it personally to witness this moment. I really enjoy our family time together. The elder son was playing, while the younger one was crying. I have to thank the immigration office for their assistance.”

Moses is also considering to take his two sons on a vacation.

Recently, Myolie ended her contract with TVB and officially has left the TV station. Moses said, “As her friend, I want her to have a better career development. However, it’s a loss from the company’s point of view.”


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